Cinosargo presents: Kreit Vargas, Iris Kiya, Minerva Reynosa, Luis Benítez and Virginia Benavides en Frankfurt 2020


Sit down at the author´s table and take part in a conversation about their latest creations. The Latin American poets will read their poetry published by Cinosargo either in a personal book or in anthologies related to literary festivals that Cinosargo has organized during its fourteen years of experience. In this activity, we want to allow readers and the public of the Frankfurt fair to get closer to various aesthetics that have emerged in recent years within the diverse and complex Latin American territory. Participating authors: Minerva Reynosa (Mexico), Roy Sigüenza (Ecuador), Luis Benitez (Argentina), Virginia Benavides (Peru), Kreit Vargas (Peru) and Iris Kiya (Bolivia). This talk will be held in Spanish. Moderator: Milvia Alata

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